Chorégies d’Orange 2019 / 150th anniversary / Guillaume Tell

William Tell is a work of stunning beauty. Twenty years before the Spring of the People, Rossini chose, for his last opera, a great ode to freedom inspired by Schiller. A people fights for its freedom and finds its hero in its midst.

Chorégies d’Orange 2020 / La Gioconda

La Gioconda, a nineteenth-century Italian work conceived as a grand spectacle in the manner of French grand opera, sets its action and characters. This is where he draws his atmospheres. Jean-Louis Grinda has chosen to recreate them on the immense stage of the ancient theatre, which is virtually devoid of scenery, except for the image: the projection on the floor

Chorégies d’Orange 2021 / Samson et Dalila

Premiered in November 2018 on the stage of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, this co-production of Samson et Dalila, with the Chorégies d’Orange and the Shanghai Opera, marks the work’s return to the Théâtre Antique stage after several decades of absence. The last scheduled production was in 1978.

Musical director: Gianluca Capuano
Director : Jean-Louis Grinda
Set design : Eric Chevalier
Costumes : Françoise Raybaud
Lighting : Laurent Castaingt
Choreography : Eugénie Andrin
Video creation : Les Ateliers BK