A mysterious world awakens as night falls over the site of the Lemptégy volcano in Auvergne. Illuminated by torchlight, visitors embark on an immersive journey into the heart of a dormant volcano that has slumbered for 30,000 years. The nighttime trail, named “The Awakening of the Volcano,” pushes the boundaries of immersion with mapping effects projected onto the contours of the site. This interactive experience offers visitors a fresh perspective on the Lemptégy volcano, stirring its glorious past.

Artistic approach: a nighttime immersive journey in 9 stages at the heart of a volcano.

Our ambition was to create an immersive work appealing to a multigenerational audience through a narrative experience blending scenographic installation, video, and light. As they enter the Lemptégy site at night, spectators are invited to embark on a fantastical journey rooted in the volcano’s history, its mineral, animal, and historical specifics.

From the first steps, an enchanting ambiance envelops them. Guided by Lapilli, a legendary fox, explorers follow a path marked by discoveries. They cross the firefly garden, where laser play creates a strangely disorienting atmosphere, then delve into the lava tunnel, where heat and sounds evoke the depths of the earth. At each stage, adventurers encounter luminous and auditory surprises, inviting them to dive deeper into the adventure. The nine stages of the immersive walk reveal the richness and diversity of the site, ultimately allowing for the discovery of the volcano’s interior.

Technical Approach

We used cutting-edge video mapping techniques to project high-definition visual content onto the natural contours of the Lemptégy site. Synchronized with the play of lights, the music completes the immersion, while sensations underfoot and forest scents seem amplified, transforming each step into a unique sensory adventure.
The trail spans 1.5 km, offering an hour-long stroll on average, but everyone is free to take as much time as they wish to explore this enchanting world.

Client : Volcano of Lemptegy
Design & visual creation: Ateliers BK
Art direction & script: Ateliers BK
Production : WB Show
Light Design : LJOMA
Technical: S Group
Music : Clemence Leproult
Filming & editing : Pierre Chambon & Alban Guerry-Suire

Behind The Scenes

Our ambition is to create an immersive work of art that reaches an intergenerational audience through a narrative experience that combines scenographic installation, video and light.

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plusieurs croquis digitaux d'un renard aux traits blancs sur fond noir
croquis digital d'un renard aux côtés du rendu final en 3D du design du renard

To give the experience a rich, symbolic narrative, we created a mascot character born of volcanoes. The flamboyant fox will guide spectators on their adventure, exploring the flora and fauna endemic to the site.

After producing research sketches of the character design, we set about modelling and animating the character in 3D.

design graphique d'un renard mystique orange
graphic design of three jewels, the one on the left is purple, the one in the middle is yellow and the one on the right is pink

The Auvergne region is historically a Gallic region steeped in Celtic and Roman culture. Nature cults were very much alive at this time and have left their mark. We wanted to bring this mystical spirit through
symbols to reinforce the narrative and the fantastic side of the story.